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Dark Analytics is the nation’s first Cybersecurity product and services company exclusively serving the healthcare industry.

Headquartered in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida and sales offices in Denver, CO., our clients span from Northern California to New York. We are specialized in protecting the assets of operators in the healthcare industry.

Our core mission is to provide cybersecurity services that will withstand the test of time.  Having an in-depth understanding of your digital assets and how sensitive data is processed is our main concern.   

We are focused on spearheading new technologies

Threat actors solidify their influence by projecting future earnings based on your ability to respond.  Many healthcare organizations are not prepared to mitigate losses in a economic and expedited manner.  

We pride ourselves with delivering cutting-edge products and services to clients at a pace that out performs our competition. Our consultants, engineers, sales associates and project managers are all leaders in the cybersecurity space and have the proven abilities to execute and respond to your most mission critical assets. We are a team comprised of highly-passionate, motivated and adaptive individuals. We excel in high-pressure environments and can provide you with the comfort of an experienced professional that has been vetted and tailored picked for your particular environment. 

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Arturo J. Avila

Chief Executive Officer
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A collaboration of determined individuals that are leaders in their field

Arturo J. Avila

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Nathan Stair

Chief Sales Officer

Reed Sorensen

VP of Sales

Shane O'neil

Sales Engineer

Bryn Gingrich

IT Security Consultant

Leeah Murray

Chief Marketing Officer
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